"Let them eat cake!" she bawled, the belle of the ball, her ruffles askew, trailing a straggly aristocracy in the dew-damp grass of the garden...

Let Them Eat Cake is a secluded garden party with secrets lurking ‘round every corner. Bawdy with extravagance, this is a plush journey into the sublime cloaked in an aesthetic that whispers of lascivious luxury. Feel free to dress up, rock out or just have a picnic down by the lake,the mansion grounds and festival offer something for all tastes. After an amazing first year we plan to go ever more immersive with our sophmore outing.

Set in ten hectares of imperial parkland just a stones throw from the CBD, Let Them Eat Cake will entice you into a halcyon world far from the servitude of the city.

A one-day-only wonderland featuring some of the world’s finest electronic performers, cutting-edge visual and performance artists our famous food rave and top shelf beverages befitting the date and amazing venue.

So frock-up, turn on and tune out in a regal wonderland and welcome 2014 in style.

Expect to have the time of your life, but please respect the venue and staff and play by the rules.

New Years Day – 1st January, 2014

11:00am – 10:30pm

Werribee Park

  • This is a licensed event. Over 18's only - Photo ID required.
  • No glass at all allowed onsite.
  • No alcohol or drugs permitted.
  • No violence will be tolerated.
  • No weapons are permitted.
  • No pass-outs.
  • Bad attitudes will not be condoned.
  • No professional recording devices of any kind are permitted.
  • You may be filmed at this event for broadcasting.
  • Keep a close eye on your friends.
  • Drink lots of water and pace yourself
  • Familiarise yourself with First Aid locations.
  • Come prepared for forecasted weather and more (it's Melbourne).


Doors close at 10.30pm


The exquisite 60-room Italianate Mansion and its 10 hectare of magnificent gardens built at Werribee Park from 1874 to 1877 is a testament to the successful partnership between Scottish squatters Thomas and Andrew Chirnside. The pioneering brothers were a driving force behind early settlement in this region, all of which evolved from humble beginnings.

Thomas Chirnside left his homeland of Scotland in 1838 with a few hundred pounds in his pocket, a bible and dreams of a new life in an emerging country. As an enterprising individual Thomas invested largely in stock and land. His younger brother Andrew joined this venture in 1841 and the brothers set about building a lucrative pastoral empire.

With business progressing well Thomas returned to Scotland in 1845 where he fell in love with his first cousin Mary Begbie and asked for her hand in marriage. Her parents did not approve so he returned to Australia alone.

With Thomas safely back, Andrew finalised plans for his trip home. But before leaving his older brother asked a favour – to bring Mary back to Australia any way he could.

Andrew returned in 1852, accompanied by Mary as his wife. Thomas never married.
Thomas wanted Mary to reside in a home and grounds of stature and serenity unrivalled in Victoria, so he and Andrew he set about building the mansion, which was at the time, also an opportunity to showcase their successful venture to the world. Using the finest materials the Mansion was built in three years for Andrew and Mary Chirnside and their three children, they were joined by Thomas for his last few years.

In keeping with the theme of their elaborate Mansion, Thomas and Andrew Chirnside created an equally stunning garden in a distinctly European style.
Like many notable early settlers the Chirnsides were members of the Acclimatisation Society, an organisation that introduced several European flora and fauna species to the Australian landscape. As a result the ten hectares of manicured landscape contain a variety of exotic species combined with Australian natives. The specific designer of the garden is unknown; however it is often credited to W.R. Guilfoyle, Curator of the Melbourne Botanical Gardens from 1879 to 1909.

The majestic gardens feature a colourful parterre, ornamental lake and grotto, glasshouses, heritage-listed trees and expansive lawns
Thomas and Andrew passed away within three years of each other, in 1887 and 1890 respectively. Andrew left Werribee Park to his two youngest sons George and John Percy with a proviso that Mary maintain residency in the Mansion for her remaining days. Mary died from a terrible accident in 1908. Her hair caught alight from a bedside candle and tragically she did not recover.

Chirnside ownership of Werribee Park ended in 1922 and changed hands many times until the Victorian Government acquired Werribee Park from the Catholic Church in 1973 and commenced work to progressively restore the Mansion and remaining 400 hectares of land to its former glory.





Let The Eat Cake are proud to announce that they have formed an alliance with their friends at Treecreds to assist in delivering a more environmentally conscious and sustainable event. For over 5 years, Treecreds have remained dedicated to saving threatened forests, providing an environmental impact consultancy and selling carbon offsets derived from avoided deforestation projects. 

Treecreds will provide a support role to the Festival with a view to decreasing the overall carbon footprint of the event. This will include the introduction of a carbon offset car-pass program. In particular, 10% of all monies collected for car-parking facilities will be donated to Treecreds for investment in the Tasmanian Reddforest avoided deforestation project. This project is not only important in directly saving bushland but has multiple co-benefits including preserving habitat and biodiversity, such as the endangered Tasmanian devil.

Other environmental initiatives Let Them Eat Cake is adopting this year are:

  • Full recycling done onsite.
  • All food and beverage containers to be compostable or recyclable.
  • The entire festival to be powered by bio diesel and one sound system to be fully solar powered.
  • An auditing process to be undertaken to assess how we do this year
  • In terms of our aim of a 100% carbon neutral festival.
  • Café Posters and flyers this year are printed on 100% recycled


How do I get to Let Them Eat Cake?

We have tried to cover all options to make your transit to and from our special NYD world as easy as possible.

You can:

  • Drive
  • Rideshare
  • Get a comfortable coach from the CBD
  • Take the train



Werribee Park is located 35 kilometres west of Melbourne’s city centre, on the Princes Freeway. It is a 30-minute drive from the city over the Westgate Bridge or via the Geelong Road. Take the Werribee South exit to K Road (Take the 2nd Werribee exit- Follow sign to Werribee Mansion). Traffic marshals will direct you to car parking from the Weribee South freeway exit on the day.


Trains run to Weribee from Flinders St and you will be met by a bus to take you to the event, it is not possible to walk. Tickets for the TRANSFER BUS from WERRIBEE STATION to the event return are $10 ($20 on the day) and the train ride is a ZONE 2metcard.

Transfer buses will operate from 11am to 3pm meeting every train. Return transfer buses from the venue to Weribee station will run from 8pm till the final train. A more limited transfer bus schedule will run to cover all trains in between these times. Please note: It is not possible to walk from Weribee Station to event.

Train timetable to Werribee.

Bus Ticket


Parking tickets are available for $10 prepaid per car or $20 per car on the day. Cars with THREE (3) or more people PARK FREE (no ticket needed). Please make sure you have a designated SAFE driver for the return trip home

Parking Ticket


Melbourne On The Move are providing a return coach service from the CBD (back of Fed Square) with options for buses leaving in the morning and all coaches returning 30 min after the event finishes. Tickets are $43.70 return (10% GST Inclusive), PRE BOOKED ONLY.

Melbourne On The Move

Food Rave

The brainchild of a Masterchef Top 30 contestant, a corporate lawyer and a chinese medicine doctor, the Banh Mi Boys are dishing out tasty Vietnamese street food that’s about to take Melbourne by storm.​

Inspired by the tastes, smells and colours of Vietnam and cooked fresh to order in our food truck – the mighty Banh Mi Truck, our food takes a spin on the traditional while using modern Asian flavours and techniques that will simply rock your taste buds. 

Try our fresh and herby ‘Best Mate Salad’, our ‘Crispy Corn Fritter Banh Mi’ or our popular Lemongrass Pork Belly Banh Mi – a toasty baguette loaded with char grilled pork belly, pickled carrot, cucumber, coriander, gutsy aioli and spicy dressing. Our menu is seasonal and will always leave you coming back for more. 

Food pic


First popping up in Richmond in 2012, Fancy Hanks Bar-B-Que is traditional American pit smoked mobile barbeque like Australia hasn’t seen before. After several trips across Americas barbeque belt, through Texas, New Orleans and South Carolina, the boys at Fancy Hank’s bring their very meaty, low and slow cooking down under, serving seriously good southern-style barbeque from various bars and outdoor locations around Melbourne. 

From barbecue pork ribs and big old beef ribs, through to beef brisket cooked low and slow over a wood fire for more than 16 hours, and smoky pulled pork shoulder sandwiches, Hank’s got all the Southern classics covered, using locally sourced and ethically raised animals.


 Fancy Hanks food image




Ladro is a groundbreaking popular pizzeria and trattoria, serving traditional wood-fired pizza and a modern spin on traditional Italian fare. Celebrating its 10th year, Ladro, the creation of two designers and a chef, combined artisan pizza and ‘fine dining service on speed’ for the first time in Melbourne. It has been widely said Ladro was the catalyst in getting Gertrude Street “Back on the map” as one of Melbourne’s “Iconic Streets”.  

Ladro has evolved its sustainable practices and now keeps rooftop bees, uses bottle-less mineral water and is soon to install a Closed-Loop composting system. It also makes it’s own wines and beer in collaboration with some of Australia’s finest artisans. Ladro sources the finest local ingredients and the best Italy has to offer. 

Ladro food inage




Welcome to the Dog House. Phat Brats’ dogs are naturally full of flavour because we only buy produce from people we know and trust. We use the freshest and
finest local ingredients, delivered daily to our door, to craft a gourmet version of the much-loved Aussie classic, a sausage in a roll.

Our meat is free from hormones and artificial colours and flavours. Peter from Mayura Station in western Victoria brings the beef: 100% grass fed full-blooded wagyu. Our lamb, from near Ballarat, is also 100% grass fed. Rich River Berkshire free-range pork makes its way from the Echuca region and our free-range chicken is straight out of Lockwood Victoria from Hazelden Poultry.

Using the best ingredients and supporting Aussie suppliers makes our brats taste even better. We hope you enjoy eating them as much as we enjoy making them.

Phat Bratz food pic



The steeped tradition of tea is making way for an artisan couture tea scene, a world of tea both young and old.

Respecting the rituals of tea, the ceremony, the history and the story, Storm in a Teacup has created a concept that embraces the precocious elevation of tea’s place in our culinary society.

Storm in a Teacup is spearheading the tea revolution in Australia. Borne of a love of tea, a respect for the worldwide communities that grow and produce tea and recognition of our changing appreciation of the venerable cuppa, our vision is to celebrate the most popular drink in the world.

Web pic


Zebra Dream manufactures and retails handmade organic dairy free coconut ice cream locally in Melbourne. Selling from an eye catching roving bicycle Zebra Dream captures the archetype of the old style ice cream peddler yet has a funky colourful aesthetic.

The product comes in five flavours, Vanilla Dream, Choc-Mint Crunch, Exquisite Espresso, Zesty Lemon and Chocolate Delight. Containing many nutrient rich ingredients it is a delicious and healthy ice cream that is vegan, organic and delicious!

food pic


From the same team that brought Melbourne the live music venue Miss Libertine, comes a more grown-up offering, while retaining the larrikin spirit and sense of adventure. 

Head chef, Shayne McCallum, who has earned his stripes at iconic Melbourne establishments such as Blake’s, The Botanical, The Kington Hotel, The Graham, and Huxtable, is on a mission to create high quality pub food.  

Fittingly, the food ethos is pub food, done well, sourced from ethical and sustainable Victorian farms and producers in the regions traversed by the rebel bushranger himself. The menu focuses on communal, casual eating, with shared dishes, steaks, snacks, and of course, the pub classics, using house-made ingredients where possible.

Site pic



Everyday is almost entirely about coffee, with the idea to have a bunch of different beans and roasts on offer and to collaborate with others to bring the best coffee available for its given use. Though constantly changing, they’re currently using Seven Seeds Espresso for black espresso coffee, Small Batch Candyman for white espresso coffee (with milk), Code Black Kenyan Mugaya for their Everyday batch brew and Market Lane Guatemalan Santa Isabel (Cup of Excellence Lot 3) on pour over. - Broadsheet

Since opening their doors 6 months ago, Everyday Coffee has worked to maintain and strengthen their commitment to quality, creativity and community. Presenting high calibre products without pretence, Everyday Coffee make it easy to drink excellent coffee every day. 

Site pic

Visual Artists


Taking cues from the 1960s avant-garde architects Archigram, Balloon House is a completely floating structure. It is constructed by fastening a large quantity of ordinary helium filled balloons to recycled fish netting, creating a unique ‘suspended’ piece of architecture.

Not only acting as a landmark within the festival landscape; Balloon House will offer a unique place of refuge for attendees seeking a quieter, contemplative break from the broader atmosphere of the festival. Festival goers are encouraged to seat themselves underneath the installation, allowing one to look up at the mass of anchored balloons.


Let Me Eat Cake is a collage sculpture based on ‘pop culture’ print based media. His practice is collage based visual remixing with its roots in recycling the advertising that adorns the city, whilst investigating the wave of influence it has over cultural trends within Melbourne city.

For 2014 Hitchcock's installations are inspired by his experiences at this year's inaugral festival. By using raw and leftover materials from thsi years festival, Hitchcock has set out to create fresh and new installations that is uniquely Let Them Eat Cake.


Members of the acclaimed AWOL Crew (Melbourne), The DMV (Da Mental Vaporz) (France) and 2AC (France) come together to create an interactive, collaborative mural.

Since forming in 2006, the AWOL crew have pushed themselves and their work, both individually and collectively, to a unique level of artistic elevation. Permeating the boundaries between fine and underground art forms, Adnate, Deams, Itch, Li-Hill, Lucy Lucy and Slicer have, over recent years, consistently produced a variety of evolutionary and inspirational work. In doing so, they have garnered a widespread audience of admirers.


Vexta is recognized in the street art scene as one of the leading female artists. This has been evidenced by the support she has received from influential players such as Banksy, who invited her to show along side him in London at the 2008 Cans Festival, as well as being represented and credited in his highly successful film, Exit Through The Gift Shop. She was also recently a feature artist the inaugural Outpost Street Art Festival in Sydney Australia in 2012.  Vexta will be creating a pice for this years new fifth stage at Cake - The Isle if Tortuga.

Vexta pic


The Mutoid Waste Co, formed in London in 1983, specialising in large scale sculptures made from industrial waste.They have since enjoyed adding their unique and 'Mad Max' flavoured creativity to parties, dance floors, festivals and other major events Globally. 2014 will be no exception - with Mutoid Waste Co kicking off the Oz New Year in true style at 'Let Them Eat Cake' with a fire show to complement Zod's artwork on the Palace of Versailles stage. 

Mutoid Waste Co.



This boy IS the party... 

Recently based in London and taking over the world under the name Salvador Darling as an artist, DJ, tranny superstar & club promoter, Salvador Darling is a larger than life experience risen from London's underground art scene. 

Currently working as Art Director and Resident DJ at Melbourne's POOF DOOF Dance Club, Salvador Darling is king of the gays and brings a fresh approach to performance, serving up alternative drag and an uplifting house and disco sound. If you're with Salvador Darling then you're at the right party.

Salvador pic



 Yandell Walton is an accomplished video and projection installation artist exhibiting regularly in galleries and non-traditional public spaces both in Australia and Internationally. Through her practice she explores what constitutes human experience by looking at emotional responses to the world we live in. She is interested in exploring ideas around impermanence and mortality creating work that uses existing architectural and constructed space, found and made objects and introduces the projected figure. Recent work looks at how the digital can represent non tangible spaces.

Yandell Walton pic


Donna Comet, Jane Fondle and Fizzy Bitch are of The Real Hot Bitches fame and are all about getting physical. A big name in local gyms in the Dandenong area during the aerobics fad, they were known for their unique 'thrusting' style and consequently had a huge influence on the increase of men participating in aerobics classes. They released a box set of x-rated aerobics workout videos which created a scandal in the fitness industry. As a result gyms wouldn't hire them anymore. Though they possess advanced pole handling skills, the RHB's failed in their career move as strippers because they refused to remove their beloved g-tards. This worked against Jane Fondle when a bad g-tard incident, whilst Flashdancing, left her unable to walk for some time. Now rehabilitated, this trio are back and ready to bend and stretch you in ways you can only imagine. 

Jane fondle pic


Cakes Diamonds is a performance artist and a pastry chef too. They've been combining their love for cake and their love for a sweet toothed audience with cake installations, roving cake outfits and collaborating on Cake Bar since 2005 in both Sydney and Melbourne. 2013 was the 'Year of the Doughnut' at least it was for Diamonds. At Let Them Eat Cake they will delight you with their wild roving doughnut. Summer fruit glazed doughnuts to be precise. You won't miss them and you don't want to miss out.  

Cake boy pic


Eat Cake and drink GraffiTEA! Nestled away in a quiet space of the gardens this NYD will be tea master Adam Wojcinski and his marriage of Melbourne's street art and the Japanese Tea Ceremony - GraffiTEA. Take time to chill with the spiritual nectar - matcha - the tea of the Japanese tea ceremony. Adam will pour his heart and soul into each bowl, cherishing every unique encounter with you. Lose yourself and your ego in the GraffiTEA cube over tea . . . then get back and dance with a new level of freedom.




Vision Hound is a Melbourne & Berlin-based company specialising in artist tours, bookings as well as event concepts, lighting & decor design solutions and production. Vision Hound cultivates a social network of artists sharing the same vision in music & the arts. Whether it be DJ’s, live performances, producing events, festivals or building installations, Vision Hound is committed to sniffing out & showcasing the finest underground & emerging talent to Australian Shores. Striving to deliver an experience to challenge the senses, VH takes an organic approach to events with a personalised experience like no other.


Hanna Juliane Rix aka 13/7 is a german recycle artist / studied interiour designer working and living in berlin. For the last 7 years she has been constantly creating spaces and furniture, props and decorations for Berlin´s club scene such as Bar 25, KaterHolzig, Wilde Renate and more as well as for famous outdoor festivals such as Fusion festival, Nation of Gondwana or Bachstelzen Events.Since a couple of years she goes international building for Shoeless Festival (Netherlands) ,has been a part of the SkyStage crew ( Eclipse 2012) and she is the responsible Art Director for two of Subsonic Music Festival´s floors in Newcastle, Australia.



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