Let Them Eat Cake

Brad Daniels

Brad Daniels has a good 15 years of Dj'ing under his belt, which makes up half of his life. And music makes the rest of it. Today Brad is regarded as one of Melbourne's top notch Dj's, both technically and musically.  

Always in the midst of most forward thinking parties, he's closely involved with LAB, Chameleon Recordings, Killing Time, Terrobang, BLack Market, Maitreya, Bean Bag Babylon, Coco Poco Loco as a regular Dj, booker and event organiser. He was also featured in Phreakin, Future Entertainment, Hardware, Innovator and Earthcore events. 

I collaboration with some good mates Brad has launched the Twice Shy brand, which has gained instant love and  recognition among a musically educated following. 

Over the years Brad has supported a large number of international acts and notably drawn inspiration from likes of Stacey Pullen, Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig, Dirty Doering, Catz n Dogz, Acid Pauli, Nu, Rodriguez Jnr, Fred Evereything, Niko Schwind, Derrick May, Peace Division, Phillip Bader, Nico Stojan, Juan Atkins, Derrick Carter, Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin to name a few. 

Brad's sound can be best described as fun multilayered emotive hypnotic funky deep tech, always mixed with mastery and the biggest passion for a quality party and never afraid to blend musical styles.