Let Them Eat Cake

Client Liaison

Put it on the company card. Too much is never enough. Think nothing. Feel everything. Pleasure is good. Fantasy is truth. Experience Client Liaison. Given their shared appreciation for story telling and dignified belief in the Australian identity, Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan naturally found themselves writing music together. From the studio to the top end of town, Client Liaison’s sound plays out like a long lunch followed by a round of cocktails.

Describing their sonic palate as ‘dance electric’, ‘new jack swing’ and ‘pop ballad’, this multisensory experience will feed any listeners’ appetite. This past October they released their much-anticipated new single ‘Feeling’, which was the follow-up to 2012’s anthemic debut ‘End Of The Earth’'. Much to their fans’ delight, Client Liaison indicated that ‘Feeling’ will mark the first of a trio of singles due for release in the lead-up to their debut album, each of which is rumoured to be paired as impeccably as Barossa Valley Shiraz & King Island Eye Fillet with a music video experience worthy of Peter Weir’s approval. 

International in flavor, cosmopolitan in style – this is Client Liaison.