Let Them Eat Cake

Jesse Young

Jesse Young was raised on a parental diet of Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross. So it was only quite natural for him to progress into mainstream music. At a young age he joined up with a fellow compadre, where they began playing on a regular occurrence for all the local house parties and bah mitzvahs. 

Not long after Jesse discovered “The Internet”, this allowed him to explore new music and broaden his horizons where he would go on to discover such artists as Omar S, Kerry Chandler and Dennis Ferrer. Which led to more discoveries in Chicago house, disco, soul and hip-hop. In short, good black music in general. 

With this newly found passion for music, Jesse as an underage weaseled his way into playing at Revolver Upstairs where he would soon after be offered a residency that he has maintained to this day, four years later. 

Setting up a dance floor has been something Jesse is quite comfortable with after warming for DJ Jus Ed, Dixon, dOp, Wolf + Lamb, Shonky, Dyed Soundorom and Octave One as well Magda at the Future Music After Party. In saying that though, this young chap has been known to give it some heat from time to time at just the write moments too. 

Stay tuned for his new brand of parties ‘Cutting Shapes’.