Let Them Eat Cake


Uone was conceived to the sound of electronic synthesizers.  Born with 3 eyes, 4 lobes and headphones attached to his umbilical chord, his fate was predetermined.    

Uone is an artist not a DJ, people often confuse the two.  Raised in Melbourne’s Peninsula coast, music quickly became his passion and lifestyle.  Honing his skills as a young teen his music taste evolved through partying and clubbing. Disillusioned with the sounds of the big room djs and the Melbourne scene he was driven to throw his own events.  Through underground warehouse parties, under the LAB brand he brought artists ahead of their time such as Niconé, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Sascha Braemer, Alfred Hienrichs,  Mark Henning, Cesare vs Disorder, Elon, Philip Bader, Frivolous, Channel X, , Dapayk & Padberg, Gorge, Niko Schwind, Nico Stojan, Kenny Larkin,  Gabe, Marcello VOR, Catz n Dogz to the shores of Australia. 

Not content with solely DJing, production was the logical transition.  Beef records and Chameleon recordings understanding his sound were quick to sign his works and delegate A&R responsibilities.  Following this trend, overseas clubs and festival organizers demanded this Australian artist be lured offshore and go global.  His first journey to the international circuit was to the super competitive Berlin underground.  His stand out style resulted in rapid interest and demand to perform at many global events.   A few note worthy international gigs include, Boom (Portugal), Glade (UK), Universo Paraleo (BR), Burning Man (Nevada), Fusion (Berlin), Ozora (HU),  Eclipse festival  (Nevadar,  Australia) as well as prestigious clubs in Tokyo, San Francisco, Prague, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Berlin, Osaka, Canada, Lisbon just to name a few. 

These days Uone has evolved to become a brand. His signature style can be described to be deep, chunky and twisted  tech house music.  He draws on elements from all genres including progressive, minimal, techno, and house, not afraid to blend genres nor styles.    

With an attitude that is forever changing and constantly evolving, Uone's music remains on the forefront of the underground edge.  His sets are somewhat of a performance, no one show is the same.  Come experience for yourself, this audio eargasm.